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Steam Traps


Steam Trap (what, where, why)

If you have a steam boiler, you have steam traps. Steam traps are designed to keep the steam (heat) at the radiator. A failing trap allows this steam (heat) to move down the condensate piping back to the boiler. These traps should be inspected annually and repaired or replaced as required. Repairs are expected to be required about every five years. When were yours last inspected? read more ->



Lost Steam Costs Money!

Look at it like this, a failing steam trap is like venting that steam directly outside. It's gone, more has to be made and sent to the radiator. And of course, it is vented again. It is producing little or no heat, costing you money. read more ->


Learn everything you need to know (about steam traps) at Armstrong University.


This is a mechanical steam trap.
There are several designs. 

Steam Trap


Here are some industry links, for even more education!


We created this Excel speadsheet to help you monitor your steam trap maintenance program.  (zip version)