SPHC Service




We work on hydronic (water) and steam boilers.
These boilers are in residences and commercial buildings.

  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Upgrades / conversions
  • Hot water tanks (sidearm)

A large portion of our business is replacing or converting steam boilers to hydronic. This example  is one job that was written up in several national trade publications.

We will save you money on your utility bills. We will save you enough money that it will pay for the installation of the new equipment within a few years.

This could be as soon as 3 years or up to 7 years.
Either way; it's money in the bank after that.


Steam Boilers

If you have a steam boiler, you have 'steam traps'.

Your steam traps should be inspected annually and repaired as required.

"Why?" you ask. This
document  will explain it in great detail.

Learn more about steam traps.

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